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Leg Lifts with Stability Ball & Reverse Crunches

Leg Lifts with Stability Ball & Reverse Crunches

Leg Lift with Stability Ball

Start by lying on the ground with a stability ball between your feet, and place both hands by your sides. Be sure that your back is flat on the ground, and start squeezing the stability ball between your feet and raise it a few inches off the ground then lift your legs to a 90 degree angle with the floor and lower back down. This is one rep.

Reverse Crunches

Lying on the floor fully extend your arms at your sides palms to the floor, your arms will remain stationary the whole time. Raise your legs to that your thighs are perpendicular to the floor and the feet are parallel to the floor. Move your legs towards your body as the pelvis rolls backwards and you raise the hips off the floor. By the end of this movement your knees should be touching the chest. Hold this position for a second and slowly move the legs back to the starting position.