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5 Ways to Beat Cravings


5 Ways to Beat Cravings

Prevent it
Make sure you eat when you’re hungry. If your stomach is growling it is not because of a craving it is because it is hungry. Eat something with quality fat and protein, eating enough protein and fat at every meal can help prevent cravings form starting in the first place. Also, don’t be stingy with your carbs. When you add healthy carbs like starches and fiber you will find you stop craving carby junk food.

Distract Yourself
If you get a craving out of your head for just a few minutes typically they don’t come back. You can try reading a book, watching an episode of a favorite tv show, call a friend, stretch, write down your health goals, clean your house, organize files on your computer, take a nap. Almost any random thing will do the trick. Just focus on something else for a little while.

Make Yourself Happy
Typically cravings are associated with negative mood. People crave sugar when they’re bored, anxious, lonely, or stressed. It’s not just your imagination. If you can boost your mood from somewhere else you can eliminate what is initially causing your craving. You can try splurging on something fun for yourself, go somewhere new and interesting, give yourself an hour of “me-time” to do whatever you want no matter how unproductive, plan a surprise for someone else.

Replace it
If you do have a craving you can look at why you really want it, is it for the sake of the food or an emotional crutch? If you are craving something sugary you can try to eat some fruit instead. If you are craving carbs try roasted potatoes or sweet potatoes instead.

Remove Yourself
It is helpful to physically remove yourself from the food you are craving. Go somewhere else, ideally a place with no unhealthy food. This will help to remove the need to keep fighting the “I want to/I shouldn’t” mental battle. By removing yourself it is no longer an issue since the unhealthy food is no longer available to you. It’s amazing how much easier it is to turn down pizza when you don’t have to smell it!