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JWM FITNESS: Testimonial Katelyn Boon, WBFF PRO


My name is Katelyn Boon, I’m a Personal Trainer, Fitness Model and WBFF Pro Fitness competitor. I have  known Judy Wright-Morris for a number of years. We first met back in 2007 when she lived in Vancouver BC.  I first decided to compete in 2012 and it was Judy who inspired me after we spent some time living together.   She showed me how to strengthen and build my physique using weight- training and nutrition. She strongly urged me to compete in the Fitness Model division as she could see that I had great potential.   I didn’t quite realize at the time just how right she was. Judy had moved back to England at the time of my first show so she referred me to a very good friend and one time student of hers, Victoria Felker.  Victoria and I really hit it off and trained for two shows together. On my second round I placed first and earned my pro status.

I took a 3-year break from competing to focus on other areas of life. Fitness actually took a backseat for a while.   However, when life changed again and my passion for fitness returned Judy appeared in my life once more, during her ‘Bootcamp Tour’ to Vancouver. I had recently decided to leave my office job and embark upon a career as a Personal Trainer. Judy and I spent a lot of time together during the Bootcamp,  and when she left she told me that she felt strongly that it was time for me to make a comeback and compete for the first time as a pro. Judy now lives in LA, but has a lot of experience coaching online via skype, text and email. We started our prep in January and my show was on April 22nd 2017.

Judy is an amazing trainer and she really helped push me throughout my journey to my show.   I felt completely nourished the entire time and never felt deprived or depleated. At the beginning of my prep, Judy encouraged me to go out and enjoy myself on the weekends. Everybody responds differently to training and nutrition. My body reacted really well to very high calories and carbohydrates and even the occasional pizza or burger. Having a little feedom on the weekends at the start really helped me out,  as I had just moved to a new city (Victoria BC). I was also in a brand new relationship as well as starting a new job as a trainer. I was actually under a lot of stress but my training and diet did not add to it, as I knew I was in great hands. To help with meal timing, I outsourced my meal prep to Fit Fix Cafe who are based in downtown Victoria. This really helped me stay on track and I highly recommend this to aspiring competitors with a busy schedule.

My competition physique was not a result of starvation,   but of hard work and a well balanced diet. During this particular show prep, I was a bit of a juggling master. I was juggling prep, a new career and a new relationship. I’m happy to say that none of my priorities fell by the wayside. I didn’t feel deprived at all throughout my prep. I have been able to live life and achieve my goals, and that is what it is all about.