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JWM FITNESS: Testimonial | Quinn Tew

“I have been active all my life and an athlete for many years. My sports were rugby,  powerlifitng and running. Most of my goals in the past were performance based. Training for my first figure competition with the WBFF was the first time I have had an aesthetic goal such as becoming a fitness model.


The process made me determined, curious, and nervous but excited to take on the challenge. I met my coach Judy, through a mutual friend, bikini competitor Erika Straub. About a year about a year ago, I was in France teaching English and as a result training and fitness took a back seat. While there Erika and I remained in contact and I watched her grow and transform into an amazing, strong,  bikini competitor. She sparked my motivation to compete. I teamed up with Judy and discussed a plan of action to start the process in France and officially started when I moved back to California. Through it was mostly online training, texts, and Skype calls. I trusted the process and saw drastic results.

Her knowledge, skills, and unwavering support helped me become the fitness competitor I am now. the  4-month prep was a life changing journey. The path was fun, tough, emotional, informative, and eye opening. The preparation has made me rediscover my hunger for competition, athleticism, and desire to inspire others. I feel strong, confident, and able to be myself but a better, more whole version of me. Sure I had fear and self doubt, (a lot of it). However, my inner monologue and Judy’s mentorship, and holding me accountable kept me on track. I have come to love and live the process of recreating my body and I brought the best possible package I could to my first show. This not a game, it is a sport and you have to be just as tough physically and mentally for it as for any other. Contest prep is a process and a sport to respect.”