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Chlorophyll is the pigment in green plants that helps transfer light into energy during photosynthesis.  Chlorophyll contains vitamins A, C, E, and K  as well as antioxidants and it may have therapeutic properties that benefit your body.

Some proposed benefits are the following:

  •  Stimulating the immune system
  • Eliminating fungus in the body
  • Detoxifying your blood
  • Cleaning you intestines
  • Get rid of bad odors
  • Energizing the body.
  • Preventing cancer

It can be a blood builder. It may be able to help build red blood cells.




As part of its antioxidant function, drinking chlorophyll can give skin a natural, refreshing glow and promote efficient detoxification. Many believe it can help to heal wounds and skin conditions such as acne.

Natural chlorophyll is not known to be toxic.There is evidence in the literature in support  of the healthy benefits chlorophyll might have if taken internally. Supplemental chlorophyll can be taken in either liquid or tablet form.


Chlorophyll is in all leafy plants. Levels are especially high in some vegetables we eat, like spinach, parsley, and green beans.

There could be minor effects on the stomach/intestines, like nausea/vomiting from chlorophyll supplements. They seem to be fairly safe for most users though.

Chlorophyll may make some people more likely to get a rash from the sun. We don’t know if chlorophyll is safe for children or for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

If you take any medicines regularly, talk to your doctor before you start using chlorophyll supplements. Be careful with medications that also list sun sensitivity as a side effect, like drugs for acne, infections, and pain.