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Kettlebell Clean & Press | Battleropes

Kettlebell Clean & Press | Battleropes

Kettlebell Clean & Press

  • Pick up the kettlebell with one hand and hold it between your legs. Keeping your arms close to your body pull up the kettlebell while doing a squat for momentum.
  • On the pulling up motion bring the kettlebell between your forearm and bicep (rack position).
  • From the rack position press the kettlebell up until the arm is straight.
  • Slowly lower the kettlebell back down and repeat for number of reps and do the same on the opposite side,


  • Hold the ends of the ropes with your hands shoulder width apart.
  • Brace your core and slightly bend the knees.
  • Begin to alternate raising and lowering the hands explosively.
  • Keep alternating for about 1 minute, and repeat three times,