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Kettlebell Swings | Weighted Squat Jumps

Kettlebell Swings | Weighted Squat Jumps

Kettlebell Swings

Stand over the kettlebell with feet hip-width apart, keep your chest up, shoulders back and down. The kettlebell should be in line with the middle of feet. Choose a kettlebell that allows you to swing with perfect technique while still challenging you. Consider starting and practicing with a kettlebell much lighter than what you’ll eventually use to work out so you can practice your form.

Squatting down, grip the kettlebell with palms facing you and thumbs wrapped loosely around the handle.

Stand tall, still gripping the kettlebell. Keep arms long and loose while squeezing shoulders blades together and engage your core. Soften knees, shift body weight into heels, and lower butt back and down toward the wall behind you.

Driving through heels, explode through hips to send weight swinging upward from quads. Aim for chest height, with arms extended. Achieving this finish position requires you to snap your hips through, contracting your core while squeezing glutes.

As the kettlebell begins to descend, let the weight do the work as you ready your body for the next rep. Shift weight back into heels while hinging at the hips and loading both the hamstrings and glutes. Receive the weight, allowing the kettlebell to ride back between legs.

As it makes the transition from backward to forward, drive through the heels and hips to repeat.

Weighted Squat Jumps

Holding a dumbbell in front of the chest with both hands, stand with the feet shoulder width apart.

Start by doing a regular squat, and then using your core explode up with a jump. Keep your thighs parallel to the ground.

When you land from the jump lower your body back to the squat position.

Repeat for the number of reps.