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Hopefully we have all adapted to whatever new safe  ways of working out are available to us. Grocery stores are less daunting and the long lines and supply shortages have eased. If you haven’t already, it’s time to solidify good (or excellent) eating habits and secure a sustainable eating strategy that propels you towards your goals.



Meal Prep Tips:

1.  Take your vitamins and keep your immune system strong. This goes hand in hand with ensuring that you get an adequate amount of good quality sleep each night.


 2.  Drink 2-3 + liters of water per day or  ½ – 1 gallon. Always have water with you if  you’re out and about or at work.


3.  Take some time before the start of each week to plan your meals. The weekend can be a great opportunity. You can make your plan and grocery shop accordingly. Prepare meals for the first 2-3 days of the weekend pick another day in the week to repeat.


4.  Cook in bulk. If you’re planning to prepare two servings of a dish, it will take the same amount of time to prepare and cook 4 or even 6 servings. Intentionally make extra to prep meals for the subsequent days ahead.


5.  If you have a busy schedule and are on the move, stock up on items that are easy to transport and eat. Apples, pears, bananas, nuts and carrots are great examples. Portion out your nuts in little bags or containers and store them. You can then grab some easily if you have to rush out.


6.  Take two shaker cups with you, each with a serving of protein powder inside. You can easily add water and consume when needed. You could even keep a shaker cup with powder at work, in your bag or in a place in your car that stays cool. It’s handy to have these prepped, fast options even if you are working from home. You can focus on your work and not have to wonder what to eat when time has flown and you only realize when you are ravenous!