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$29.99 / month



Your gym is closed or you’re not ready to go back yet? No problem!

Workout with friends from the convenience of your home.

Sign up for a monthly online program and get into amazing shape in time for summer.

Available class times:

MON 6am & 7:30am (pst)

WED – 6am & 7:30am (pst)

 FRI – 6am & 7:30am (pst)

                                                                                                           (More class times may be added at a later date.)


Train on a consistent basis with progressively more challenging workouts.

This way you’ll see improvements in strength, cardiovascular fitness as well as muscle definition.

Get weekly nutrition tips, meal plan suggestions and workouts you can do on your own time to supplement the program.


(For more personalized nutrition guidance sign up to the MyFitnessPal app and add Mind Muscle Spirit as a friend.)



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