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Face Pulls Facing a high pulley, attach a rope or dual handle attachment. Pull the weight directly towards your face, while separating your hands during the movement. Keep the upper part of the arms parallel to the ground. Repeat for number of reps. Military Press Hold the barbell with your palms facing forward, gripping the bar wider than shoulder width apart. Slightly bend the kneed and hold the barbell at your collar bone, lift the barbell up over your head by locking your arms and hold for two counts. Lower bar back down to the collar bone slowly

  The main muscles targeted in a military press are the shoulders. When performing a military press, start by placing a barbell that is about chest high on a squat rack. Once you have selected the weights, grab the barbell using a pronated (palms facing forward) grip. Make sure to grip the bar wider than shoulder width apart from each other. Slightly bend the knees and place the barbell on your collar bone. Lift the barbell up keeping it lying on your chest. Take a step back and position your feet