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Lie on the pad of a T-bar machine and hold the handle with a neutral grip. Start by driving the elbows behind the body while also retracting the shoulder blades. Pull the weight towards the body until your elbows are at the midline or slightly past. Hold for one or two counts and then slowly lower the weight back to the starting position. Repeat for desired number of reps.  

On a flat bench place a dumbbell on the side and put one leg on top of the bench and the same arm on the bench for support. Bending your torso forward from the waist making the upper body parallel to the floor and bench. Next pull the weight straight up to the side of the chest keeping the upper arm close to the side and remember to use the back muscles not the arms. Make sure to keep the torso still.

Begin by approaching the bar so that it is centered over your feet and place your feet into a hip-width stance. Bend at the hip to grip the bar using an overhand grip so that your arms are just outside of your knees and thighs. This will be your starting position. Keep your chest up and your back straight, and begin pushing through your heels to move the bar upward. After the bar passes the knees, aggressively pull the bar back, pulling your shoulder blades together as you drive your hips

Upright Row Hold the barbell with an overhand grip. As you exhale use the side of the shoulder to pull the barbell up keeping it close to the body. Keeping your torso still hold the barbell at the top for two counts and slowly lower it down and repeat for the number of reps. Close Hand Push Ups Place the hand closer than shoulder width making sure that you hold the torso up at arms length. Lower yourself until the chest almost touches the floor on the inhale. Knee-Elbow Crunches Start off by lying on the floor.