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Cable Tricep Pulldowns (single arm) Start by placing a rope attachment on a cable pulley on the highest height setting.Stand facing the weight stack and grasp the rope handle with and underhand grip. Keeping your back straight, your abs drawn in, and your knees slightly bent, push down your arm down until it is straight. You should feel the stretch in the tricep muscle. Slowly return to the starting position. Repeat for desired number of reps.

Overhead Tricep Extensions Begin by attaching a rope to a cable stack set at the highest height possible and assume a standing position. Doing a split stance, grasp the rope overhead with palms facing in, and lean forward by hinging at the hips. Start the movement by extending the elbows and flexing the triceps, return to starting position. Repeat for desired number of reps.

Push-ups are basic strength building total body exercises that strengthen the upper body and improve core strength. The muscles used when doing a push are the pectorals, deltoid, triceps, shoulders, upper arms, and abdominals. Benefits of doing push-ups When executing a push up lower your body down on to the floor with your palms under your shoulders - slightly wider than shoulder width. Keep your feet close together and dig your toes into the floor helping to stabilize the lower part of your body. Keep the elbows close to the body,