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Julie Cielo

I became certified as a Transformational Life Coach and started focusing on Hypnosis and Meditation, the trifecta of modalities I attribute to my personal evolution. I have spent my entire 20+year career sharing formulas for success that have helped me to overcome my own personal challenges whether that be scoliosis, autoimmune, or limiting core beliefs. I now call that “Living Clean” or Aligning with Divine. I have considered all of my personal hardship pure opportunity. It truly is in our darkness (our shadow) that we find our Light (True Self). […]

Katelyn Boon

Katelyn Boon WBFF Pro Fitness Diva FS Agency Model ISSA Certified Personal Trainer Trainer at Steve Nash Victoria British Columbia Canada I didn’t always know my way around the weight room. I used to go into a gym feeling intimidated, lost, and not knowing what to do. I always wanted to look like the fitness girls in the magazines, but didn’t know how. When I was in my early 20’s I wasn’t really consistent with the gym until I became friends WBFF Pro Judy Wright-Morris. We became roommates one summer […]

Tony Morris

Tony Morris is a celebrity trainer, life long martial artist, fitness cover model, pro fitness competitor and former dancer who inspired the movie Magic Mike. With Tony’s wealth of knowledge and dedication, he has motivated countless people worldwide to better themselves through health and fitness. His outgoing personality, passion for life and proficiency in the gym makes it hard not to be drawn towards his inspiring positivity. With twenty years experience and countless clients of all age and fitness levels, Tony knows how to find the right balance of strength, […]

Mikey Smith

What led you to have a passion for bodybuilding/fitness? I started off with dreams of becoming an Olympic 100m sprinter after watching Linford Christie win the 1992 Barcelona Olympic 100m. Weight training became part of the training process and it soon became my passion. Have you had struggles with bodybuilding/fitness, or struggles that bodybuilding/fitness has helped you with? The very nature of bodybuilding at a competitive level delves right into the psyche. For me it has been a double edged sword. I’ve often lost contact with the bigger picture (life, […]

Taylor De Boer

WBFF Competitor Fitness Model Mind Muscle Spirit Ambassador NASM CPT Health Coach Social Media Account Manager Manage and schedule social media posts for Instagram, Facebook, and Her Fancy Pants blog Social Media Content Creator Creating original content for blog posts, Instagram, and Facebook Writing product reviews on various fitness and health products Creative branding and design for posts Fitness and Nutritional Research Conducting research to use in social media postings (i.e. Facebook, Instagram, and blog content) My name is Taylor DeBoer and I was born in Tulare, a small agricultural […]

Judy Wright-Morris

I have held a lifelong passion for sport and fitness, having worked in the fitness industry for 12 years, travelling and working in several countries across the globe. I was born and raised in London, UK. During High School I took the opportunity to master every sport that was on offer representing my school in Netball, Field hockey, Basketball, Soccer and Track and Field. I was dominant in sports requiring high levels of strength, speed and power, which in turn led me to take up weight training at age 16 […]