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Push-ups are basic strength building total body exercises that strengthen the upper body and improve core strength.

The muscles used when doing a push are the pectorals, deltoid, triceps, shoulders, upper arms, and abdominals.

Benefits of doing push-ups

When executing a push up lower your body down on to the floor with your palms under your shoulders – slightly wider than shoulder width. Keep your feet close together and dig your toes into the floor helping to stabilize the lower part of your body. Keep the elbows close to the body, and draw the shoulder blades back and down. Keep your head facing forward and inhale as you lower yourself. Exhale as you push to the start position without leaving the ground. The chest and shoulders provide the strength for the push-up. Continue to push up until your arms are almost straightened.

Some helpful tips for doing push-ups are to focus your eyes about two to three feet in front of you. It is important that the body remain flat in a straight line throughout the lowering movement. This plank-like position is the beginning and end position during a push-up. Also, the wider your arms, the better it is for you to execute a successful push-up. If you are a beginner, do a slow and proper push-up and do not rush to simply finish off the push-up. You can begin by balancing on your knees instead of your toes if you find it easier. Try not to lower your hips during a push-up. If your lower back begins to hurt during a push-up, stop and take a break.